Want to sell your record collection

Short version:

You want to sell your record collection? We buy your whole record collection or any of your records that are in good shape.
If you can’t bring all the records to our store we’re happy to pick your collection up in Frankfurt, the Rhein-Main area and in all of Germany (last option only for big collections). We are also interested in Blu-ray, DVD and Compact Discs.

At the moment we don’t buy your CDs or DVDs, but we still buy your Blu Rays.

Long Version:

You want to sell you record collection? Okay:

Just come by our store in Frankfurt / Sachsenhausen. Easy and straightforward.
In case you have to many records to transport, we’ll come by your place.

We’re interested in music from the following genres:
Rock, Pop, Jazz, Klassik, Soul, Krautrock, Progressive, Soundtracks, 60s, 70s and 80s.

You can either sell your records for cash or trade them in for a coupon valid in our store.
Your choice!

Let’s talk:

phone: 069 624121
mail: no2.cd-lp(at)arcor.de